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Bougies La Francaise candle wick lighter "Rat-de-Cave" is convenient to use and a must-have accessory for candle lovers.

Wick length: 7.54"

In the simplicity of a gesture of yesteryear, safely lighten your scented or decorative candles. This candle lighter is a 90.5" wick impregnated with wax and wrapped in a vintage look cardboard tube for more convenience.

​Simply follow only 3 steps to easily lighten hundreds of candles, including the most inaccessible warming trays laid in deep elongated glasses:

- Pull the wick according to your needs,

- Light it on ,

- Place the flame above your candle wick to light it on.

Candle wick ligther "Rat-de-Cave" - Bougies La Francaise

SKU: BLF-797700

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