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Give thanks with candles charm

Actualizado: 15 de nov de 2019

Give thanks! Thanksgiving is the time of remembering flavors, senses, and to be grateful for the season.

Bougies la Francaise a century of passion, one hundred years of making experience with a perfumer's heart!

GiftOnALine is proud to be part and provide you with genuine quality French candles. A special collection of perfumes brings back memories to our senses for the Holidays, starting with Thanksgiving! and offering you a variety of special candles for the all family to enjoy.

Classic Charm collection has a touch of femininity, like an embroidered flower, pastels and beautiful box signs by the calligrapher's pen.

The delicate flower scent of the Violet of Toulouse (a city in south of France), or wonderful fleur d'oranger (orange blossom)... will warm your hearts and bring memorable scents for a time of Thanksgiving!

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